magnolia ‘Leonard Messel’ out now at the Dorothy Clive Garden

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magnolia-1Come and see the wonderful showy, often fragrant, goblet- or star – shaped flowers of the magnolia tree at the Dorothy Clive Garden this weekend.

We have some beautiful specimens which are currently flowering, and of particular interest, is magnolia ‘Leonard Messel’. magnolia-3Situated along azalea walk, at the top of the Dorothy Clive Garden, the magnolia ‘Leonard Messel’ has medium-sized, lilac-pink fragrant flowers and is currently looking resplendent.

Magnolia ‘Leonard Messel’ originated in Leonard Messel’s garden, who owned Nyman’s in Handcross Sussex.  Leonard Messel was a lieutenant colonel in the British Army, but when WWI broke out, he was barred from fighting because his father was German. He did what he could for the war effort, anyway—training troops in East Kent. During the war, he wrote hundreds of letters to the young men he had trained, and he wrote heartfelt letters to their parents when they didn’t go home.

Nyman’s is currently a National Trust property. See here for further information:


The Dorothy Clive Garden is open 7 days a week from the beginning of April until the end of September 2017, and then every weekend from October to March 2018. For further information, please click here.


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