Davidia involucrata or handkerchief tree

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We have a beautiful handkerchief tree, or Davidia involucrata, and also known as the Dove tree or Ghost tree, situated near the old drive way and currently looking lovely. 20170509_143602 Originating from South West China, Davidia is a medium-sized, deciduous tree, with ovate leaves, and small dark green flower-clusters, each subtended by two large white bracts, and followed by ovoid greenish-brown fruits.

Do come and enjoy this wonderful tree at the Dorothy Clive Garden which is currently draped in large white bracts. You will find it located on the left at the bottom of the old drive way near the pond. It is a tree not to be missed at this time of year.

We are currently open 7 days a week from 10am to 5.30pm. For further information, please go to the website: www.dorothyclivegarden.co.uk.


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