The Friends of Willoughbridge Garden Trust was set up in 1973 with the specific aim of supporting the Dorothy Clive Garden through fund raising activities. Over the years we have raised thousands of pounds which have been used to buy the entrance gates, furniture and fittings for the Tea Room, plants and pots for the Royal Botanic Glasshouse and an extended and improved facilities for the Bryan Mayer Pavilion among other things.

Would you like to join us in helping to support the garden?

For  £39.00 membership during the 2020 season you get –

2020 Dates

March 8th – “The History of the Walled Gardens” – Richard and Jill Rawlings

April 19th – “Bromeliads and Tillandsia (Air Plants) ” – Don Billington

May 10th – “Are plants able to communicate?” – Dr Tony Polwart

June 14th – “Dieramas: The Harebells of Africa” – Ruth Plant

July 12th – “Herbaceous Borders” – Jeff Bates

August 9th – The Clive Memorial Lecture “A Gallop through Garden History” – Tony Russell

September 13th – “The Plants and Castles of Transylvania” – Razvan Chisu

October 11th – ” Alpines” – Rob Potterton

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