Looking good in the Garden this March

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Woody Plants
Camelias – Camelia walk, Quarry
Rhododendrons – Quarry – Yes, they have started to bloom
Magnolias – throughout the Garden
Corylopsis – Quarry

Helebores – Hillside and Winter Garden
Pulmonarias – mainly in the Winter Garden
Chrysosplenium macrophyllum – on the edges of the lower tiers of the waterfall – very unusual and rare.


Daffodil walk
Hyacinths, muscari – Wedding border, Nicotiana steps, pale border.

Royal Botanical Glasshouse
• Very exciting start to the season with lots of things budding up, flowering soon will be Echium fastuosum (Pride of Maderia), Magnolia laevifolia (very scented) and Clivia.

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