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With Christmas fast approaching, we are busy tying all the loose ends and proverbially “putting the garden to bed”. The Royal Botanical Glasshouse is no exception and the recent couple of snowed-in days provided us with an ideal opportunity for giving it a good going over (and we didn’t mind staying out of the cold either!). We have pruned back all the plants that outgrew their space and cleared away any debris left over after the previous growing season. The resulting increased airflow and light levels throughout the main display area are very important for the darker months of the year when various fungal pathogens can pose a problem. All the material that we removed as a part of this routine maintenance also disposed of a large proportion of any plant pests still present and set us on a good start with the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) regime that we will be implementing starting beginning of March. This IPM programme will allow us to manage the pest load in the Glasshouse using mainly biological controls, thus eliminating the need for any harsh chemicals. We are thrilled to be able to use this environmentally sustainable and responsible approach and we’ll make sure that we tell our visitors how it works through some new and exciting means of interpretation. Until then, if you find us working outside in the garden, we encourage you to come and ask us about it, we’ll be more that happy to tell you.

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