Stunning Eucryphia now in bloom

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Our beautiful Eucryphia Tree is currently in full bloom and not to be missed.  You can find it on the left hand side of the old drive.eucryphia-1

The five species of small trees in the genus eucryphia are native to Chile, Tasmania and south-east Australia.  Their native habitats are temperate rainforest but they grow well in the UK and are fully hardy or frost hardy.

Eucryphia’s evergreen foliage and cup-shaped fragrant white flowers appear in late summer and autumn, when few other plants are flowering.

The Dorothy Clive Garden is open from 10am to 5:30pm, seven days a week throughout the main season from April to September and then weekends from October through to March, annually. Admission is free for children under 4 (and members), £2.00 for children between 5 and 17, £7.50 for adults and £7.00 for concessions.

The Dorothy Clive Garden is a charitable garden trust. It was set up by Colonel Harry Clive in 1958. The objectives are, to use the garden for the benefit and enjoyment of the general public and to maintain and develop the garden inspired in the memory of the late Dorothy Clive.

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