The Great Spotted Woodpeckers are Back !!!

1-catchlight-pics-great-spotted-woodpeckerSo pleased the Great spotted Woodpeckers have decided to nest in the Quarry at the Dorothy Clive Garden again this year.




The first signs they had returned to the same tree as last year were some wood chippings around the base of the tree.

2-catchlight-pics-great-spotted-woodpeckerLooking up you could see a second hole to the right of last year’s nest.






Lots of comings and goings by both Male and Female were seen.

4-catchlight-pics-great-spotted-woodpeckerYou can tell the difference between a male and female as the male has a red patch at the back of his neck.






Now the chicks have hatched  both parents very busy bringing food to the nest .

The birds can be seen to and from the nest every ten or fifteen minutes. Usually separately but occasionally they meet at the nest.


They bring a variety of food, from insects or bugs to suet (Fat balls) from a local bird feeder.

Interestingly the  birds have different characters. When the female leaves the nest she flies straight away from the tree whereas the male nearly always hops to the top of the tree has a look around and then flies away.

7-catchlight-pics-great-spotted-woodpecker 8-catchlight-pics-great-spotted-woodpecker


The other interesting thing we’ve noticed this evening is it is always the male who removes the debris from the nest doing the housework!


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