Corona Virus

The Dorothy Clive Garden continues to closely monitor the development of Covid-19 in the UK. We aim to keep our customers, our staff and community as informed as possible.

Protecting Customers and the Dorothy Clive Team

Our number one priority is the health and safety of our customers and our staff and volunteers. We are planning ahead, staying vigilant and following government advice.

We ask our visitors to refer to the guidelines and protocols as suggested by the World Health Organisation , and the UK public health authorities regarding the virus.

We are following local and national public health closely. Dependant on national health guidelines, measures typically include:

  • Public health messaging displayed and shared pre and during major events and in offices
  • Strengthened hygiene sanitisation and availability of disinfectants
  • Encourage contactless payment to avoid transfer by cash

For the latest information please refer to Coronavirus (Covid-19): latest information and advice