Data Protection & GDPR

The new data protection regulations will take effect from May 2018. GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) offer more stringent regulations on the storage and use of data that is held about people. These regulations will affect the voluntary sector. Although the GDPR is an EU regulation it will still apply to the UK.

The Dorothy Clive Garden have already completed a cleanse of the database to ensure that we are compliant with these regulations. As we already had a strict data protection policy there are very few changes that we have had to make.

In addition to this ‘data cleanse’ we have revised our policies and procedures to ensure that everyone who works or volunteers with the organisation is aware of how they should record, treat and use the data that we hold about people. This will ensure that our storage of data is not excessive, and used only for the purpose for which it was gathered.

Where data and details may be used for marketing purposes we make this clear and ask people whether they consent to this use.