You can now choose the Willoughbridge Garden Trust as your chosen Charity to support when you shop with Amazon.
Just follow the link next time you shop. Please note that you do not incur an additional charge on top of your purchase price. The donation of 0.5% of the eligible purchase price is given to us by Amazon.

  1. Choose Your Charity: You can select the Willoughbridge Garden Trust as your designated charity when you shop on Amazon. By doing so, a donation of 0.5% of the eligible purchase price will be contributed to the trust by Amazon1.
  2. Shop as Usual: Whenever you make a purchase on Amazon, simply use the link. It’s the same Amazon you know, with the same products, prices, and services. The only difference is that a portion of your spending will go toward supporting the Willoughbridge Garden Trust.
  3. No Extra Cost: The best part is that you won’t incur any additional charges on top of your purchase price. Amazon automatically donates a percentage of your eligible purchases to the chosen charity.

So, next time you shop on Amazon, remember to use and contribute to a cause you care about! 🌼🛒

For more details, you can visit the AmazonSmile page2.