We have a designated wheelchair access route in the garden as it is our intention that all visitors to the garden enjoy fair and equal access wherever possible. However, the garden has been developed on a hillside and this makes accessibility difficult in some areas of the garden. By following the outline recommended below you will ensure maximum enjoyment of the garden. Download: Access Statement for The Dorothy Clive Garden

The Garden

The garden is subdivided into approximately two equal-sized parts. This subdivision is marked by the tearoom. (no 2 on map), pavilion (no 1 on map), the entrance to the quarry garden (no 3 on map) and the high level car park (marked clearly on the map). We recommend that you visit the northern half of the garden first (no’s 4-10), Most of this area is accessible to wheelchairs although a few flights of steps exist in the centre of the Quarry; these must be traversed around. Once you’ve finished exploring this part of the garden we recommend a visit to the tea room (located centrally at no. 2). Once refreshed, you will be free to move downhill through the southern slopes of the garden finishing around the pool area (at no. 13).

Car Parking

Disabled visitors may park on the ‘High level car park’. This is marked clearly on the garden plan overleaf and signposted from the Lower car / coach park.

The garden boasts around 50 seats at regular intervals to rest, relax and be inspired.

Ramps have been constructed to improve access to both the tea room and lavatories.

Wheelchairs may be borrowed free of charge from the tea room. We do advise pre-booking of the wheelchairs to avoid disappointment during busy times.

We value customer feedback enormously. We would be pleased to receive suggestions on how we may further improve facilities for disabled visitors. A comment card is freely available from the tea room. This may be posted in the ‘comment cards’ box’ located there.

Mobility Scooter

We have a Mobility Scooter for the use of those who are less able (subject to the availability of staff to undertake training on its use and of the scooter itself). It is best if you have prior experience of using a Mobility Scooter.

You will need to be assessed by one of our gardeners to determine whether you are going to be safe to use it. You will undergo a short training session with the gardener and you will be asked to sign a user declaration form. The gardener will need to be with you at all times whilst using the scooter this is because of the nature of the terrain around the garden and for health and safety reasons.

Please note: we require 48 hours notice if you wish to use the Mobility Scooter. If you wish to reserve a scooter please call 01630 647237

Accessibility Map

Accessibility Map of the Garden